Our high quality of Secondhand Clothes come from the center of Europe and USA : France (Paris), Germany (Munich), Holland (Amsterdam), United Kingdom (London), Belgium (Brussels). We practice 3 types of collections:

Benne pour Vêtements usagés


The containers are placed in affluent neighborhoods and pavilion areas, making this garment harvest one of the best in Europe. The collected items arrive every day in our factory to be sorted.

stock vêtements de fin série


Every season, we receive end-of-series and quality "Extra" clothes with labels or with no labels. The items we sell per kilo, not per piece, which means a big difference in price for our customers.

collecte ports à porte

Door to Door

The collection is done directly at the private individuals, our drivers make their turn district by quarter on Paris and the Ile-de-France, which means a big difference of quality for our Customers.

HATEX.CO sorts 1000 tons of original per year and aims at 2000 tons shortly. We work for export but also for France (shop, market, etc .....), Our range of products includes different textiles of different brands, The process of sorting garments collected in Europe leads to more than 120 products different.

The product is sorted on the basis of individual clothing parts according to: Quality / Fashion Aspects / Colors and Customer Wishes.

At HATEX.CO, you will find coats, shoes, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, socks, dresses, skirts, blouses, etc ...

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3 Formulas Used Clothes Export :

HATEX.CO offers three different qualities for the export of used clothing. Each includes second-hand clothes and calibrated accessories for the different markets where HATEX.CO is present worldwide. Our products are carefully packed in plastic bales or bags and shipped in containers or transported by truck.

chemise qualité creme


Store quality for Europe and Eastern Europe

Used clothes with luxury brands latest fashion

winter and summer clothes

Made from the latest fabrics
Haute couture content

t shirt premier choix


Includes modern clothes.

With designer clothes included. Winter and summer


Examined carefully, without stains or tears.

First choice for the Middle East.

t shirt de sport qualité mix


Summer clothes for Africa

More Prefared for the markets


Clean summer clothes

No spots or cracks.
A little second

hand Clothes

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Shoes & Handbags:


HATEX.CO also provides used shoes and bags. There is a huge demand for cheaper footwear in Africa, but also a strong demand for almost new footwear in Eastern European countries.

We have a wide variety of shoes and bags, fashionable shoes, as well as more traditional bags. The used shoes are mixed: men, ladies, children and sneakers. All shoes are packed in plastic bags.

chausseur en qualité creme

Shoes Extra Quality

Sorted in pairs

Luxury brand

Latest haute couture

women, men, children, sport) summer or winter

chausseur en qualité premier choix

Shoes First Quality

Sorted in pairs

Examined carefully

Latest fashion brand (women, men, children, sport) summer or winter

sac à main en qualité creme

Handbag Quality (A+/A)

Sorted in pairs

Latest fashion brand

Luxury brand

(women, men, children, sport) summer or winter

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